Frequently Asked Questions

7. If I have a felony conviction will I still qualify to drive for B.C. Goodwin Transportation? 
It all depends on the felony conviction.

8. I have a driving under the influence conviction. Will this keep me from being qualified?
It's up to our insurance company.

9. What if I have been convicted of a crime involving drugs?  Will this keep me from being qualified?
If you are able to pass a drug test it shouldn't be a problem

10. I am a Professional Driver; will I be treated like one at B.C. Goodwin Transportation?
You'll be treated as a part of our small, intimate family. 

1. What kind of home time can I expect?
We'll schedule you one to ten days and then you'll have three to four days to be at home.

2. Does BCGT offer a rider policy?
Unfortunately we don't allow riders.

3. What kind of benefits does B.C. Goodwin Transport offer?
Our drivers and employees are treated with the utmost respect; our team is small, so you're a name and not a number.

4. What is BCGT's pet policy?
No pets are allowed. This policy is required by our chemical company.

5. Does B.C. Goodwin Transportation really care about its Drivers?
Absolutely. We'll treat you right.

6. What if my driving record isn't perfect?
Exceptions can be made, but all things to be
approved by our insurance company first.


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